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5 effective exercises for people with diabetes

If you are a diabetic patient, then exercise offers some surprising benefits. As it lowers your stress levels, it lowers your blood sugar levels also.

For people with diabetes, there are a number of exercises that are recommended. Working out can help increase insulin action and keep blood sugars in check. Exercise also helps you lose weight and improve balance, important because many people with type 2 diabetes are at risk for obesity.

Here are five great workouts you can easily work into your daily routine:


Because anyone can do it almost anywhere, walking is the most popular exercise and one we highly recommend for people with diabetes. Thirty minutes to one hour of brisk walking, three times each week is a great, easy way to increase your physical activity.

Tai Chi

This Chinese form of exercise uses slow, smooth body movements to relax the mind and body. Tai chi is ideal for people with diabetes because it provides fitness and stress reduction in one. Tai chi also improves balance and may reduce nerve damage, a common diabetic complication.


A traditional form of exercise, yoga incorporates fluid movements that build flexibility, strength and balance. It is helpful for people with a variety of chronic conditions, including diabetes. It lowers stress and improves nerve function, which leads to an increased state of mental health and wellness.


Dancing is not only great for your body. The mental work to remember dance steps and sequences actually boosts brain power and improves memory.  For those with diabetes, it is a fun and exciting way to increase physical activity, promote weight loss, improve flexibility, lower blood sugar and reduce stress.


Swimming stretches and relaxes your muscles and doesn’t put pressure on your joints, which is great for people with diabetes. For those with diabetes or at risk for developing diabetes, studies show it improves cholesterol levels, burns calories and lowers stress levels.

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