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5 reasons why being fit increases productivity

We all are well aware of the benefits of exercise and the need for a proper fitness regime. No matter how busy our schedules get, it is important to try and squeeze in at least an hour of exercise in our daily lives. But staying fit does more than just help you look and feel good. It can also make you more productive at home and in the office.

Here are a few reasons why focusing on exercise, diet, and sleep is important and how fitness can affect your productivity:

Exercise helps your brain grow

Your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it grows. But if you don’t use it enough, it will deteriorate. So keep hitting the gym or jogging around the block. Exercise actually uses more brain cells than many other activities. Though you might not realize it, you’re giving your brain a workout along with your body when you exercise.

Your diet affects your ability to think

If you don’t eat enough during the day or if the food is not nutritious, you might find it hard to get your job done. Your brain needs blood glucose and protein from foods and if you don’t eat properly, you are likely to become less energetic, and it could be harder to think clearly. So skipping lunch might just make your work take longer to complete and seem more challenging. If you’re too busy for a break, try keeping a stash of low-sugar protein bars or other healthy snacks in your desk to eat throughout the day.

Exercise helps to stay positive

The more you exercise, the more likely you are to have a positive outlook on your job, home, or any other aspect of your life. Positivity can help you become more productive because it allows you to respond easily to situations as they arise.

Being fit combats mental sluggishness

Exercise can help you think better. In addition to waking you up and helping you become more alert, exercise can actually increase the amount of space you have in your brain to think about things. Exercise can also even affect “brain flexibility,” or the ability to change your line of thinking quickly. So the next time you’re exercising, remember that it might help you pay attention better during those long meetings or think on your feet during a presentation.

Get more work done by staying fit

Staying fit means that you will be lesser prone to diseases and making you more resistant to common illnesses like cold, flu and other ailments. This means that you will be missing fewer days of work or college thereby increasing your chances of being more regular and productive as well. If you are getting more done at work and spending less time away from the office for health-related reasons, you’ll be able to better enjoy your free time. Instead of using days off to recover from illnesses or injuries, you can use them more productively: to relax, take a vacation, or spend time with friends or family.

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