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5 ways to get fit without hitting the gym

Do you wish to stay fit without hitting the gym? An average gym membership can be quite expensive which might make us want to reconsider the whole idea of exercising itself. But there are a whole lot of options of keeping fit without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are plenty of ways to boost your health and fitness levels without shelling out a lot of money every year on overpriced gym memberships; and a lot of them are pretty simple too.

Here are a few of the innumerable ways to stay fit and keep away from the gym in fun and productive ways!


One of the most simple and highly overlooked ways of staying fit is jogging. It doesn’t cost a thing to head outdoors and experience nature in all its glory while jogging. It is a perfect alternative to the gymnasiums where you have to stare only at the walls!

So, try and head out early in the mornings as it is the best time of the day for a quick jogging session and stick some tunes on to make it more lively and enjoyable!

Healthy meals

With increasingly hectic schedules, we tend to forget the most important aspect of staying healthy and fit – Eating right! We often resort to consuming junk food in order to save precious time.

Any fitness expert would say that the first step towards a healthy body is healthy and nutritious food. It’s essential to dedicate more time to cooking and consuming healthy meals to start feeling more healthy and motivated.


Our dependence on transport to get us from point A to point B is far too much. There is essentially no calories burnt. Instead of relying on public transport to reach your destination, include walking in your daily routine. Walking helps to burn a fair amount of calories and walking to your work place will help to increase your fitness level significantly and also aids in weight loss.


Skipping is a complete body work out and it helps to stay fit and lose weight rapidly. It’s a great workout as it helps to build muscle in the legs, calves, arms and shoulders.  It also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles as well. You could start your routine with 15 minutes of skipping daily and increase it to 1 hour every day.

Exercise Videos

Fitness videos are a great way to stay healthy and active and it’s an inexpensive way to learn various forms of exercise be it yoga, pilates or other workout regimes. No matter what your fitness needs are which might be weight loss or muscle building, you will have umpteen options of fitness DVDS to choose from. If these regimes are followed correctly, they can surely work wonders and on a budget as well.

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