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5 ways to keep your diabetes under control

Diabetes is a modern epidemic and it affects millions of people world over. As there is no cure, it is essential to manage the disease properly as it develops. Diabetes requires constant diligence to maintain a high quality of life and by understanding what the disease can do, you can try and keep it under control with some lifestyle choices and changes.

Here is a list of suggestions which you can follow and be able to live a happier, healthier, and higher-quality life with diabetes:

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a very bad choice for people with diabetes, especially for those with Type 2 diabetes. Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels, which limits good circulation to the extremities and also research has shown that it increases insulin resistance which is not a good sign.

Eliminate Fast food

Eating healthy food at home is one of the best options for a diabetic as eating at fast food joints can be quite dangerous as there is no means to track the sugar,salt and calorie intake in your meals. Fast food may contain high salt content and saturated fats which might increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well.

Stay Active

This is the most essential and crucial aspect for any diabetes patient. Diabetes is known to slow down the blood flow to the extremities and this is only worsened by sedentary lifestyle. Staying active will help tremendously to get into better shape, boost the metabolism and increase your insulin uptake processes in order to feel the effects of diabetes far less.

Increase Fiber intake

There are two types of fiber which is essential for your body. Insoluble fiber keeps the digestive process going smoothly and soluble fiber can help drop cholesterol levels and improve blood glucose management. Another advantage is that fiber makes you feel full which means that you’re less likely to snack up on unhealthy and dangerous sugars.

Eat smaller meals often

Spreading out small 5 or 6 meals in a day will ensure that your body remains active in the digestive process and also increases insulin sensitivity. Speak to a dietician and establish an eating plan and schedule that can be customized to suit your needs. Research has shown that an early breakfast and low energy dinner can help in reducing hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes.

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