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6 ways to prevent obesity in childhood

Obesity is not uncommon in young children nowadays. With the advent of street food and fat food, the cases of binging on unhealthy food has increased significantly. Overweight and obese children have a higher risk of becoming overweight teenagers and adults. They also have a greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes later in life. There are some serious implications of being overweight which can also lead to bullying, stress and low self-esteem.

Here are 6 steps to prevent obesity in your children and encourage them to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle:

Provide your child with a healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables (5-a-day), and cut down on food containing bad fats.



Provide enough fiber



Limit the amount of high- calorie foods kept in the home



Do not reward completion of meals with sweet desserts



Limit television watching



Enjoy physical activities as a family such as walking and outdoor games




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