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Healios is more than just an obesity clinic. Our team has received extensive training in USA and Europe and are the pioneers of Bariatric surgery in this part of the country. They have been practicing Minimally Invasive Surgery for the past 22 years and Bariatric Surgery for the past 10 years and have performed one of the largest volumes of bariatric procedures in the country. Your treatment at Healios will not only be supervised and performed by pioneers in the field of bariatric surgery, but will also be under the care of expert and trained staff as well. The procedures are performed in our state of the art operating theatres which are equipped with the latest generation systems.Healios is your new age partner to a healthy lifestyle. We believe in keeping a light atmosphere and help you reshape your life in a friendly and effective way. Healios is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of Bariatric Surgery due to their belief in hiring the best talent and providing superlative services for all our patients.

Healios Obesity and Diabetes Center

Our dedicated services catering to Bariatric and Metabolic surgery ensure that all our patients receive a focused and undivided attention leading to successful patient outcomes. Counseling is another crucial aspect of our process which is an important tool we use at Healios right from the first consultation through the entire weight loss program. Our exercise program at the fitness centre is personalized based on the individual patient’s needs and limitations. Body toning and shaping is felicitated using specialized equipment during the weight loss period. The analysis of segmental fat and its optimized reduction is planned by our experts. The advanced diagnostics facilities helps in detecting all health problems early and treating them during the pre-operative period and the post-operative follow up. Our pharmacy caters to all the weight loss products necessary for maintaining positive health.Healios is equipped with state of the art laboratories, ultrasound, ECHO machines, Body Fat Analyser to provide in order to provide a complete and comprehensive analysis of your body.

Obesity, and diabetes caused by obesity is on an upward curve in the world, especially in India. In such dire situations, awareness about obesity treatment and diabetes prevention is the need of the hour. Such highly technical and precise treatment procedures should only be availed of from renowned Diabetes services or obesity centers like the Healios clinic.

Pioneers of minimally invasive surgeries for 22 years, Healios has been performing bariatric surgery to assist those suffering from obesity and diabetes for the last 10 years. In these ten years, Healios has chalked up remarkably high numbers of bariatric procedures carried out in the country. The diabetes center of Healios, where such treatments are carried out, is geared with state-of-the-art operation theatres and equipments. Latest technology and highly trained team of medical professionals are employed to ensure that our patients get the highest quality of treatment that will change their lives for the better. That is the reason why today Healios is one of the fastest growing names in the fields of Bariatric surgery, obesity therapy and diabetes treatment.

Patients of Healios get top-notch medical treatment when it comes to the latest technology in bariatric surgery. Not only that, at Healios they can also undergo rigorous counselling sessions, which is utilised as a tool to identify the exact root of problem in a patient for higher quality of personalised treatment plan.

At Healios, your journey will begin at the consultation phase, where individual needs are identified and then addressed to by means of personalised treatment plan carried out by highly trained healthcare professionals who have been assigned to help you through it.

Even though Bariatric surgery is the leading treatment plan in the severely obese and diabetic patients, at Healios we understand that a surgery, especially one of this magnitude, can be a little daunting. That is why we make in-depth analysis of each patient and try to figure out other treatment plans, like personalized exercise routines and diet plans, without having to resort to surgery.

Body toning and shaping is a major aspect of our treatment plan, which is always preceded by segmental fat analysis and optimised fat reduction for maximum output. Thanks to our advanced diagnostic technologies, we are able to predict and diagnose impending diseases or diseases that you are at risk of, thus helping us chart the correct treatment plan for your body and lifestyle type.

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