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  • Our doctor, Dr. Makam Ramesh pioneered Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Karnataka, in the fields of GI Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology and Thoracic Surgery.
  • Mr. Ramesh, one of our Chief Surgeons has also pioneered Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery for Splectomy, colectomy and Donor Nephrectomy in India since 1997.
  • He has received many awards which include the Dr. RHN Shenoy Oration award, Dr. B C Roy Memorial Award. Dr. B C Roy Award, Dr. H S Bhat Oration Award.
  • The team at Healios has been practicing Minimal Invasive Surgery for the past 22 years and focusing on Bariatric surgery for the past 10 years.
  • Healios is one of the fastest growing in the field of Bariatric Surgery due to their belief in hiring the best talent.
  • Dr. Makam Ramesh has authored several Video books for Digital Learning and contributed chapters to the popular textbooks: IAGES Text Book, Clinical G I Surgery and Laparoscopic infertility.
  • Mr. Ramesh has developed the first ever Virtual Reality Laparoscopic surgery simulator in India in association with DRDO.
  • Mr. Ramesh has performed the largest number of Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries.
  • He has trained more than 1000 surgeons, gynecologists and urologists in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery across India and countries which include Malaysia, Maldives, Dubai, Bahrain, U.K, Australia, West Indies and USA.
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