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    Filling up Questionnaire:

    After the registration patient have to fill the questionnaire. This contains details of your

    1. Weight, Height, BMI
    2. Eating habits
    3. Co- morbidities like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Hypothyroidism, Arthritis, Infertility etc
    4. Family history
    5. Drug intake
    6. Surgeries in the past

    Consultation with surgeon:

    Bariatric Surgeon will evaluate and assess your filled up questionnaire and will advice you the list of investigations to be done.

    After seeing the investigation reports, the surgeon will come to a conclusion about which type of bariatric surgery is safe and best for you.

    Consultation with specialist:

    Evaluation is compulsory with below specialist to give you fitness for surgery-

    1. Cardiologist
    2. Radiologist
    3. Pulmonologist
    4. Gastroenterologist
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