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Diabetes Treatment

One of the deadliest diseases that is now plaguing our modern society is diabetes. Not only is it closely interrelated with obesity, but it comes with a series of other health disorders, which makes life really difficult for diabetic patients. This is the reason behind the numbers of Diabetes service center in Bangalore.

It is usually the best course of action to follow a strict diet and exercise routine. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or are even at risk of contracting this disease because of your family health history and your lifestyle choices, there are lifestyle choices as well as several treatment methods that can be employed to deal with this seriously life-crippling disease.

What is the need for Diabetes Treatment?

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are at risk for a number of negative conditions, which if not controlled properly, can cause even more critical damage to your life. Unregulated diabetes can lead to –

  • Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

  • Obesity

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Osteoporosis

  • Infertility

  • Sleep Apnea or Breathing Problems

Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and morbid obesity can actually cause extreme complications that can cut a person’s life short. Osteoporosis and infertility can drastically reduce the quality of life. Sleep Apnea can make something as mundane and regular as sleeping, dangerous.

The role of Diet and Exercise in Diabetes Treatment

It’s unquestionable that a proper healthy diet consisting of lower quantities of processed carbs and higher quantities of healthy fats, lean protein, and green, leafy vegetables is ideal for combating diabetes. Small yet frequent meals, distributed equally throughtout the day is the ideal way to consume food. Couple these healthy eating habits with daily exercise or some kind of physical activity, and you’ve made a good start in your Diabetes Treatment process.

Insulin Treatment

Insulin is a key factor in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. In this particular type of diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce adequate amounts of insulin hormone, which is necessary for managing the blood sugar levels. With the drop in insulin production, there is generally a surge in blood sugar levels, after meals. The treatment requires the patient to be injected with a dose of insulin just before meals. This increases the hormone level in the blood stream, and leads to proper regulation of the sugar levels.

Bariatric Surgery as Diabetic Treatment

This form of surgery is essentially for obese people who are riddled with diabetes and other complications. There are different types of Bariatric surgery, but almost all of them deal with reducing the size of the stomach, so as to ensure a much lower eating capacity. This lowered eating capacity coupled with strict dietary rules post surgery, actually helps get diabetes in control in many obese people.

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