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Embrace the Healios way of life to overcome Obesity!

Healios is your most comprehensive answer to obesity problems. With extensive experience in performing Minimally invasive surgery for more than 20 years, the team at Healios are the pioneers of Bariatric Surgery as well. The professional and highly skilled team of doctors and trained staff ensure that your treatment at Healios is highly supervised. All the procedures at Healios are performed in the state of the art operating theaters which are equipped with the latest generation systems. As your new age partner to a healthy lifestyle, Healios helps to reshape your life in a healthy way.

The personalized attention Healios provides to all the patients helps to achieve better and faster results.   They handle every patient differently based on their requirements and their dedicated services ensure that all the patients receive undivided attention. Healios also offer counseling services which is a crucial aspect of the entire process and it is an important tool used in the first step of consultation with all the patients.

Healios prides itself with advanced diagnostic facilities which helps in detecting all the health problems early and treating them during the pre-operative and post-operative follow up visits. Healios is equipped with Body Fat Analyser, TMT, ECHO machine, Proslimelt (Targeted Fat melting therapy) in order to provide a complete and comprehensive care. Our services at Healios not only ensure that you get back to shape but also guarantee that you feel good about your body and yourself by getting rid of the localized accumulation of fat.

The fitness program regime is tailor-made to suit the requirements and limitations of all the patients. Through the concept of support group programs, the patients of Healios meet every two months and are encouraged to speak about their experience, about the surgery they underwent, the recovery period, assistance of doctors and whole team at Healios. They also share how surgery has benefited them to cope up with their day to day activities at home or at work, how they overcame the little hurdles in adapting the lifestyle changes after the surgery. This sharing helps to bond with each other like one big Bariatric family on the way to weight loss and long term maintenance and thus deal with the stress in a much better manner. Those who have apprehensions about the surgery can attend these Support Group Meetings and have all your questions answered.

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