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How to motivate an obese patient

Is someone you love battling the bulge, and you feel helpless to help them? Or maybe you’re the dieter, with a partner, best friend, sibling, or parent who just can’t seem to understand what you need to succeed? There are some general rules of support that can help any dieter go the distance. It’s also important to realize that a dieter’s needs can change as his or her weight loss plan progresses.

Here are a few ways to help a dieter succeed in their diet:

Be a cheerleader, not a coach

You don’t want to find faults with what the dieter is doing , Instead, you want to encourage and cheer on the things they are doing right. That means applauding them for reaching goals, or even for trying. And don’t dwell on goals they haven’t met, particularly if they don’t bring them up.

Develop healthy incentives

If the dieter has met a goal for the week or month, plan a celebratory activity that doesn’t focus on food. Do something that reinforces spending time together, and create healthy activities that can further encourage their goals.

Show them you care about the person they are

The idea here is to pull up real close to them, but not about the issue of dieting. Let them see you care about them overall, and not just about their weight problems .The key, is to let them know they can count on your caring and your participation in their life — no matter what their size.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle and not just weight loss

Don’t just tell a person following a diet to go walking. Encourage them by offering to walk with them. The point here is to encourage a healthy lifestyle overall by making it a part of the time you spend together.

Be positive

This is the most important tip of all. When you’re fighting a battle, nothing beats the feeling of knowing there’s someone who believes in your ability to win. If the dieter stumbles, and feels bad about themselves, remind them of their other accomplishments and encourage them to move forward – and whatever you do, don’t throw in the towel with them, no matter how discouraged they may sound.

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