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Is Bariatric Surgery a high risk procedure?

It is a “very high risk procedure ” is the biggest myth prevailing in our country regarding bariatric surgery . Patients should understand that in the hands of dedicated and trained bariatric surgery team , this surgery is actually safer than laparoscopic surgery for the removal of gall bladder , which is one of the most common operations performed laparoscopically .
We follow protocol based care. Our bariatric surgery pathway starts with patient selection, appropriate procedure selection and optimization before surgery. High volume surgeons in high volume centers achieve results better than inadequately trained surgeons in ill- equipped set up.

There is a difference between high risk surgery and high risk patient .Obesity is a ‘multisystem disease’ which effects every single organ system in the human body and is associated with psychological, personal and financial implications for the individual concerned. Mankind does not know a more debilitating disease with worse consequences than obesity. Don’t live with this disease, if you want to live long and stay healthy. Successful bariatric surgery can reverse all this and can transform one’s life.

Unarguably, there is a small risk associated with this surgery . Most large studies show an early major complication rate of 1-2% and a mortality of 0.2% (1 in 500) with this surgery , but it has to be evaluated against the risk of living with the disease of obesity and the benefits of bariatric surgery for these patients . Overall, the risks of bariatric surgery, for the patients, are far outweighed by its benefits on their long term health and finances.

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