Is Pizza Poisonous ? The Toxicity Of Fat : ” Lipotoxicity “ | Healios

Is Pizza Poisonous ? The Toxicity of Fat : ” Lipotoxicity “

Is Pizza Poisonous ? The Toxicity of Fat : ” Lipotoxicity “

Some people will have low subcutaneous fat , but increased visceral fat mass . This thin on the outside , fat on the inside ( TOFI )  has been observed both in males and females and increases the risk of metabolic diseases .

The elevated visceral fat found in these individuals is accompanied by increased levels of ectopic fat deposition in liver and skeletal muscle.

Lipid accumulation in non adipose cells (ectopic fat ) may impair the normal function of some tissues through a process known as “ Lipotoxicity “

Ectopic storage of excess fat in organs such as liver , skeletal muscle , heart and pancreatic beta cells may be the causative link between fat distribution and metabolic syndrome

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