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Obese women require more help to lose weight

Obese women require more help to lose weight

obese females who cannot have inhibition on their eating behavior may need to lose weight the most. Obese females with such eating behavioral disorder may also be the least likely to lose weight.

When these obese individuals try weight loss interventions like diet and exercise they are less likely to lose weight.During the initial weight loss period because of diet and exercise they lose both muscle and fat mass.After some time no more weight loss occurs.They get frustrated as weight loss no longer occurs and they discontinue there weight loss regimen, ending up in gaining more weight as the lost muscle mass cannot be regained.This process of losing and regaining weight is called ” Yo- Yo Phenomenon “.This results in disinhibition.Such disinhibition occurring with poor response to weight loss intervention is common in obesity. This increases in patients with type 2 diabetes, along with longer disease duration and poorer quality of life.

Lack of motivation also occurs with greater symptoms of depression and more severe insulin resistance. This would result in the onset of Diabetes Mellitus.

After identifying females who were similar in age, weight, and body composition,it was found that, the women with less motivation and those who put in less effort are the people who develop diabetes mellitus.

The women who have eating and behavioral characteristics that greatly impair weight loss have the most deranged metabolism from their increased weight.

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