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Parents unaware of increasing Obesity in their Children!

Parents unaware of increasing Obesity in their Children!

Childhood obesity is increasing, especially among lower socioeconomic classes. The war on childhood obesity is far from being over. Parents of these obese, chubby children may misperceive the extent of the problem.

Two studies were recently published.

The first study found significant increases in overall rates of overweight and obesity in kindergartners and in children with low socioeconomic background. Children of parents with higher income were less overweight and obese compared to children with less privileged backgrounds.

In the recent 2015 European Congress on Obesity,it was revealed that the rates of childhood obesity seem to be flattening out among higher socioeconomic groups in some countries, but children from economically low or less well-educated backgrounds remain vulnerable.

The second study show that despite increasing rates of overweight/obesity among children, the vast majority of parents (> 90%) continue to misperceive their affected children as being “just about the right weight.” Parents in lower socioeconomic classes may be especially prone to misperceptions about their children’s weight. There is a myth among parents that my child is not healthy if not chubby and they tend to overfeed the child.

“Parental recognition of their child’s overweight status is paramount in childhood-obesity–prevention efforts”

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