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Prem Narayan


I underwent the surgery 3 years ago. I weighed 110 Kgs then and reduced to 74. Presently I weigh 78 kgs. I do not suffer from diabetes and I indulge in all my sweet cravings. I feel very active and energetic for the most part. Dr. Tulip and Dr. Ramesh are the best! Thank you!



 I underwent the surgery 6 months ago. Back then, I weighed 143.5 Kgs and presently I weigh 97 Kgs. I notice a drastic change in my lifestyle. I am still exploring my options with what I cant eat. My blood pressure is normal and I feel very relaxed. I have to focus on regaining some strength also. I aspire to continue losing more weight and be healthier and fitter. Thank you Dr. Tulip, Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Kavita.



I underwent my surgery approximately 4 years ago. I weighed 138 Kgs then and now I weigh 88 kgs. At my lowest, I weighed 76 Kgs. Unfortunately, due to a knee fracture, I couldn’t walk or exercise for a period of 3 months. My food habits are very normal and so is my sugar level. The pain I used to experience has vanished and I feel more confident now. I sincerely thank Dr. Ramesh and  Dr. Tulip for giving me this second life. I feel more fit and active than before. I have not been on medication for the past 2 years. A piece of advice I’d like to give the new patients is to follow the doctor’s advice for the first year. This is the best period to lose weight and tighten your body.

Renu Jain:


It has been 13 months since I underwent my surgery. In the past 3 months, I’ve lost nearly 20 kgs and I weigh 50 kgs now. The reason for choosing this surgery was diabetes, which has returned to normal now. I walk for 4 kms daily, pranayama, consume liquids every one hour, enjoy drinking fruit juices and clear soups, consume nuts, fruits, sprouts and daal in relatively small portions. I feel very healthy and fit now as am completely off the insulin. Am a much happier soul, thanks to Dr. Ramesh. Dr. Tulip, Dr. Kavita, Dr. Ravikanth and the entire team.



I am a housewife with two children. I started gaining progressively after childbirth and weighed 170 kgs at one point. I had difficulty in walking , suffered from joint pain, shortness of breath and obstructive sleep apnea. After the Bariatric Surgery, I weigh 85 Kgs with absolutely no difficulty in breathing. I am no longer depressed and I can notice the change in my lifestyle. Since am from a very low socioeconomic background, Dr. Tulip and Dr. Ramesh were kind enough to offer help and perform the Bariatric Surgery on me. I consider Dr. Tulip as equivalent to God and am also thankful to my husband for the constant support he provided.

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