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Healios announces Quest for weight loss

A Campaign to Help Eliminate Obesity

Weight loss is no joke. If you’re taking surgical help to lose weight, find out options that are in your neighbourhood. For example, if you live around Jayanagar and southern Bangalore, then search for Weight loss surgery in Jayanagar. Otherwise the entire process of weight loss requires extreme discipline, rigorous exercise and dieting. Any weight loss clinic in Bangalore will tell you that. Often it is seen that the journey of weightloss can become a major undertaking for most people, especially if they have to deal with it on their own, without any external help. In some cases of obesity, the emotional stress of excessive weight gain and the impending trials of the weight loss journey prove to be too much for some people, who revert back to eating excessively to help deal. Most overweight or obese people often get trapped in the vicious cycle of gaining weight.

As such, obese or overweight people function better when they have some form of external assistance in their weight loss journey. The Social Outreach Program organized by Healios is just that – a helping hand to those struggling with losing weight. Losing weight for diabetic patients can be particularly difficult, what with the added complications of high blood sugar and other associative disorders. The Healios Social Outreach Program selects a group of twenty such people, who need help to lose weight and treat their obesity and diabetes, and assists them get back into shape.

To qualify for the Social Outreach Program campaign, you will have to be at least 15 kg above your maximum acceptable weight. There will be regular meets under the program that you would have to attend without fail, to yield maximum benefits.

The Social Outreach Program is a special 6-month long weight loss campaign organized by Healios for the first 20 eligible people who register. The main features of this weight loss treatment campaign are –

  • Free consultations from in-house doctors
  • Individual attention for each candidate
  • Personalized treatment plan and diet for weight loss
  • Surprise gift for whoever loses most weight


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