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St. Patrick’s Day &Green foods

The colour green plays a very prominent role in St. Patrick’s Day celebration. People are dressed in green; they binge on green drinks, and even prefer consuming food that is green in colour. Eating green foods is actually a good idea, not just for St. Patrick’s Day, but throughout the year. Sticking to a healthy, green diet will make you healthier and overall happier in life.

A healthy green diet mostly comprises of green leafy vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, spinach etc, not so leafy ones like green peppers, green chillies, etc and green fruits like pears, green apples, cucumbers, watermelons, avocados, etc.

Green, leafy vegetables are the healthiest sources of necessary vitamins and minerals. They mostly provide iron and calcium that are essential in proper growth and development. They are also rich in Beta-carotene which can produce Vitamin A – a major nutrient required for immunity boosting. Their high magnesium content and low glycemic index makes them ideal for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

Growing kids, women of all ages, senior citizens, diabetics, people with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension – there is no one who can’t benefit from the treasure trove of nutrients that green, leafy vegetables provide.

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