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At Healios, Bariatric Support Group is a free service offered for pre-operative and post-operative patients

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Importance of Support Group Meetings

For any Bariatric programme to be successful, support group plays a vital role. Research has shown that Bariatric patients need all the support they can receive from their friends and family.

Study 1 – Patients who attend support group meets achieved a 1.6 lower body mass index than patients who do not.

Study 2 – Support group patients have a 10% lower BMI than non-support group patients

In addition to holding you accountable for your actions, support groups give you an outlet to discuss problems and situations, share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others who are either about to have surgery, or who have already had surgery. Having support from family, friends and even others who have experienced weight loss surgery is very important to your success before and after bariatric surgery.

People share their experiences on how they coped up with lifestyle changes regarding diet and exercise required after Bariatric or metabolic surgery and also the support they received from family members. They also narrate how and what made them take up the decision for surgery. The problems they had with their excess weight, restricted activities, diabetes, joint pains, sleep apnea etc and how they have lost their weight and are now disease free.

It is surprising to see the positivity in support group patients once they have lost significant weight and are rid of major problems like diabetes, once thought to be a lifelong disease.

In Support group meetings, Patients participate in various competitions, drama, and fashion shows which help them to create a bond with each other and motivate those who are looking for Bariatric Surgery.

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