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Walking May Help Overweight

Walking May Help Overweight People Curb Sugar Cravings!ss

Studies show that walking for 15 minutes may help overweight people to reduce cravings for high-calorie sugary snacks. Brisk walking can be used as a strategy to reduce momentary food cravings in overweight individuals.

Exercise may provide some stimulation that interferes with thoughts about food cravings. Regular walking as a means of exercise might also improve the ability to make right and healthy food choices.

A study was done at University of Innsbruck in Austria regarding the impact of a 15 minute treadmill walk on sugar cravings.

A group of 47 people were included in the study .The average age was 28 years and average BMI( Body Mass Index ) of 27.63 kg/m2( Overweight category ).

To increase their cravings for sugars the participants were asked to stop eating any kind of sweets for 3days.They were asked to fast, drink nothing but water. They were also asked to stop any kind of exercises for 2 hours before the assessment of cravings.

Then, in an exercise session, some participants warmed up for two minutes slowly on a treadmill then walked for 15 minutes at a pace fast enough to catch a bus, but not to the point of breathlessness.

For comparison, other participants, instead of exercise, were told to sit passively for 15 minutes.After exercising or sitting still, all of the participants sat quietly for five minutes.

After 5 minutes a computerized test was done that increases physiological arousal and stress.
Next, they were asked to un-wrap a piece of candy and hold it without eating it.
Then the participants were asked 7 times about their food cravings and their feelings of arousal or stress.

It was found that those who exercised had significantly lower cravings for sweets compared to those who did not get on the treadmill.

Even when people un-wrapped candy and held it in their hands, people who exercised had fewer cravings than those who didn’t.

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